Why You Should Change Your Furnace Filter Regularly

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Okay, be honest – when was the last time you changed the air filters in your home? If it was more than 30 days ago, you should probably change your furnace air filter. Here’s why we recommend changing your air filter regularly:

Air filters get plugged up over time with the dirt, dust, and debris they filter out of your air. A plugged air filter can lead to several issues with your HVAC system and lead to costly repairs. Home air filters (also commonly called furnace filters) keep the coils and heat exchanges on the heating and air conditioning system clean. Dirty coils and heat exchanges make the system work harder. Keep the filter clean, and it will help prolong the life of your heating and air conditioning unit. Plus, as your filter gets plugged with dirt & debris, those items will find a way around the filter and into the air you breathe! Changing your filter regularly helps keep the air in your home clean.

How often do I need to change my air filter?

Well, that depends. Air filters should typically be changed every 30 days, but some people may find that their filter is still working effectively for a little longer, while others might find they need to change it even more frequently. The following factors impact how often you’ll need to change your filter:

  • Number of people and pets in the home
  • Amount of dirt and dust in your home
  • Activities taking place in your home
  • Vent placement
  • Filter placement
  • How frequently you run your furnace and AC

All of the above factors can impact how often the filter will get plugged up and require changing. We recommend at least pulling your filter out every 30 days to inspect it. If it doesn’t look very dirty yet, you can probably give it another month, but be sure to keep an eye on it so you can continue to breathe easy! People with allergies or asthma should be extra-diligent about keeping home air filters clean.

Still not convinced that you should be changing your furnace filter regularly? Watch our video for an inside look at equipment to see what happens when filters aren’t changed like they should be!

If you’re having issues with your heating or cooling, try changing your air filter. It’s often the easiest and least expensive way to improve your furnace and air conditioner performance! If you’re still having issues after changing your filter, give us a call, and one of our skilled Service Experts will come take a look at your system to keep you comfortable.

How do I change my furnace filter?

Changing your home air filter is super easy: the hardest part of changing your furnace filter is remembering to change your furnace filter! Check out our video on how to change your filter here!

What if I don’t like changing my filter out all the time?

Good news – there are alternatives to furnace filters! Give us a call to chat about air purification systems which can be a great addition to your current air filtration system, or learn more about our different air purification systems and how they work here.