Cracked or damaged hardwood floors? The problem is likely the lack of humidity in your home.

In Colorado, cracked or separated hardwood floors are usually the result of low humidity levels in your home. The Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A) has determined that the appropriate humidity level should be between 30% and 50%. Sufficient humidity levels are important for both human health and for the health of the structure.

Colorado has a relatively unique situation that combines temperature, humidity, and season cycles. Denver is the third driest city America, with drier air than desert cities like Las Vegas and Phoenix. If you add to that the fact that our seasonal changes are mild, we have the “perfect storm” for having dangerously low humidity levels.

Consider that the average forced air heating and cooling system works on the principle of removing many gallons of water each day, not to mention all of the other mechanical methods that are used to vent your home (bath fans, crawlspace ventilation etc.). Additionally, the lack of weatherization, foundation cracks, poor windows and other such things can be an exit point for water vapor and lead to low humidity.

The solution is simple. A humidifier will maintain a steady humidity level in the home. A proper and steady humidity level will not only reduce hardwood floor separation, but humidity can help reduce allergy symptoms, dry skin and sinuses and ease the symptoms of a cold or chronic respiratory condition. They can even help to control static shock throughout the home!

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