Colorado Wildfires & Indoor Air Quality: What You Need to Know

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Ah, Colorado. There’s so many things to love about living in the greater Denver area including gorgeous mountains & forests, low humidity, and 300 days of sunshine a year – but unfortunately, those amazing perks also include a high risk for deadly wildfires. Every Coloradoan knows that wildfires are a common occurrence in the Centennial State every summer and fall, but this year, the air quality in the Denver-Metro Area has been highly impacted by Colorado wildfires like never before.

If you and your family have been suffering from the smoke in the air, don’t worry! There’s an air purification system that can help filter out smoke from the air you breathe! I-Wave Air Purifiers and their bi-polar ionization system can help get rid of smoke in the air.

Bi-polar Ionization (And How it Filters Your Air)

Particulate matter (PM) is a term for particles suspended in the air we breath. Particles larger than 10 microns (or micrometer, µm) don’t usually make it to the lungs, but can irritate eyes, ears, and lungs. For reference a human hair is about 60 micrometers (µm), and PMs from Colorado wildfires are in the range of visible light (0.4-0.7micrometers (µm)). The particles contained in aerosols (PM & water) scatter the visible light and reduce overall visibility. Aerosols naturally exist all the time in our breathing air. But, they can be harmful or irritating when mixed the the PMs from wildfire smoke. Particulates in the air will naturally drop out of suspension over time, but the time it takes for them to fade out is greatly dependent on the size of the particles:

  • 5 µm – 41 hours
  • 0 µm -12 hours
  • 3 µm – 1.5 hours
  • 10 µm – 8.2 minutes
  • 100 µm -5.8 Seconds

The I-Wave air purifier creates a plasma field that is filled with a high concentration of “+” & “-“ ions. Bi-polar (+,-) ions help to combine the fine sub-micron particles. This process is called Bi-Polar Ionization. Once their combined size is large enough it will fall and become filterable by your everyday furnace filter. Bi-polar ions physically breakdown harmful volatile organic compunds (VOCs) into harmless compounds like Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen & water. Bi-polar ions also kill pathogens by robbing them of their life sustaining hydrogen.  The I-Wave also reduces the need to bring outdoor air inside to dilute the stagnate indoor air, which can mean big energy savings.

Strategies to reduce smoke exposure

While installing an I-Wave Air Purifier can greatly help reduce your smoke exposure during Colorado wildfire season, here are some other tips to keep your breathing easy:

  • Stay indoors
    • Indoors usually contain between 50-100% of the PMs that are in the air outside of the home.
  • Keep doors and windows closed
  • Replace weather seals around doors, windows, and cracks on the home’s exterior

Ready to upgrade your home’s air purification system? Give us a call today at (303) 656-0600 to learn more about the I-Wave or any of our other home air purification systems. But whether you choose to give us a call or not, we hope you stay safe this wildfire season, and remember:

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