Bathroom exhaust fans are a leading cause of household fires

Local Choice Heating & Air Bathroom Exhaust Fan Fires

Did you know that bathroom exhaust fans are a leading cause of household fires? Well actually, the fans themselves aren’t. It’s the lint that accumulates inside and around the fans.

Exhaust fans are in most residences and commercial properties here in Thornton, Colorado. They help prevent mirrors from steaming up, windows from fogging and odors from accumulating. But if they aren’t cleaned and maintained on a regular basis, they can cause a fire that could result in thousands of dollars in damage to your Thornton home. And that’s IF your house doesn’t burn down!

Newer installed bathroom fans have additional safety features built in to help prevent the motor from running if it overheats. But if your home was built before the late 1990s, and if you have original exhaust fans in your house, it is especially important to clean them regularly.

To clean your fan:

  1. Remove the cover.
  2. Clean the lint from around the fan and motor.
  3. Wash the fan cover in warm water with soap to remove the lint. If any mold is growing on the cover, add bleach to the cleaning mixture. Replace the cover after it is completely dry.

Local Choice Heating & Air of Thornton, Colorado recommends cleaning your fans twice per year, and replacing old fans with newer ones that have thermal protection. Never run these fans for long periods of time on end, as this can increase the likelihood of a fire. If there are individuals who keep forgetting to shut off these fans in your household, consider installing a timer in place of the current fan on/off switch.

Need your bathroom exhaust fan inspected?

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