Protect your family and live healthier…
…with cleaner air in your home!

Did you know that the air in your home is five- to ten-times more polluted than the air outside?

Now more than ever, indoor air quality is of paramount importance. Unfortunately, most homes in Colorado—even new ones—do not have an air purification system, and even the cleanest of homes can have poor air quality. But the good news is, your indoor air quality can be immediately improved with the simple and cost-effective addition of an air purification system to your home’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system.

We offer two different technologies for cleaning the air in your home. UV (ultraviolet) technology and bi-polar ionization. Both systems are effective at removing 99% of viruses and microbes, as well as 97% of airborne bacteria and mold throughout your entire home. In addition, up to 85% of pet, cooking and other odors can be eliminated with an air purification system, helping to make your home smell fresh, clean and inviting.

For children, the elderly and anyone at risk for flu and other contagions, these systems can be highly protective and reduce the chance of transmission. Those with allergies may notice an immediate and positive effect. In addition, a home purification system can significantly reduce the amount of dust floating around your home, which means less cleaning and dusting!

Serving Northglenn, Thornton, Brighton and surrounding Northern Denver residences, Local Choice Heating & Air invites you to learn more about air purification in your home. Please contact us by phone at (303) 656-0600.

Air Purification

We offer two options for indoor air quality improvement:

Honeywell “AirBright”
(UV technology)

  • Requires yearly uv bulb replacements
  • Warranty = 1 year parts and labor (Bulb not covered)
Standard Installed Price = $751.76
(receive 10% off as a member of our Choice Care and Efficiency Program)
Honeywell AirBright Air Purification

Nu-Cal “iWave”
(bi-polar ionization)

  • Requires NO maintenance
  • Warranty 3yr parts 1 yr labor
Standard Installed price $950.55
(receive 10% off as a member of our Choice Care and Efficiency Program)


Please contact us by phone at (303) 656-0600.

iwave-v air cleaner from Local Choice Heating & Air